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Blackberry insurance

Written By: - Jun• 01•12

Ensquared Phone Insurance provides Blackberry device owners a phone Insurance program with 2 different payment options.  We provide you cover for Lost & Stolen plus Accidental Damage Cell Phone Insurance for your Blackberry Smartphone. (more…)

Laptop Insurance

Written By: - Jun• 01•12

Laptop Insurance  from just £2.99 a month

Here at we have put together an excellent low cost and comprehensive
Laptop Insurance policy.  We cover all Laptops, Netbooks and PCs against theft, accidental damage, water damage,

fire damage and we also give you worldwide cover and accessory cover. (more…)

Phone Insurance by Virgin Mobile

Written By: - May• 27•12

Phone Insurance

It’s peace of mind for your Virgin Mobile device.  Let’s face it, stuff happens. Like, you forget your phone at the restaurant. Or you accidentally drop it on the sidewalk. Without insurance, bad luck could cost you big time.

That’s why Virgin Mobile has partnered with Asurion, a leading technology protection company, to offer Phone Insurance to our customers.

For just $5/month, along with a deductible if you file a claim, you’ll be covered (more…)

Insurance for iPhone from insurance2go

Written By: - May• 27•12

iPhone Insurance

from just £3.99 a month

Yes we cover the new iPhone 4S!
Here at we have put together 3 iPhone insurance policies offering different levels of cover.
All 3 policies cover all iPhones including the iPhone3, iPhone4 and the brand new iPhone4S up to the value of £700. Just select the level of cover you require below, enter your details, pay and you will be covered immediately.

The policies below ONLY cover iPhones. (more…)

Phone Insurance

Written By: - May• 22•12

Mobiles used not for just make calls, but they’re our diaries, contact books, games, social connect, safety man, knowledgeably and informtive machines and more. So its loss give huge tension and fear.  But Insurers  play on this fear with heavy prices and necessary cover. Yet you can get cheap mobile, smartphone and iphone insurance for £5 per month.  And like as many insurance and security company give plan by direct or through respective Carrier.  see below mobile security company facility, Available at USA, UK. and many other area. (more…)